November 12, 2014

Miharu Koshi - Tutu, 1983

I first heard Miharu Koshi at the now-defunct Big Snow during a revelatory Gabe D'amico DJ set. The track that blew my mind was a lush, warped, slightly psychy, rollerskate-ready slo-mo disco track, which I still haven't tracked down (did I dream it?), but the search led me to this deeply underrated, Haruomi Hosono-produced synth-pop record, about which there is very little information online. Standouts are the tribal-pop lament "Laetitia," and "Scandal Night," replete with skittering robot chirps and whirrs. Hosono production and Matsutake programming. Tasty and playful, with dense electro percussion throughout. Side note: "L'amour Toujours" is a Telex cover (tragic/amazing video NSFW).

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  1. i wound up on this blog by chance and then saw my name! what a weird coincidence. anyway, i'm trying to think what that song might have been, and i'm thinking maybe it wasn't Miharu. Could it have been this?

  2. or...

    Akiko Yano - Rose Garden

    Akiko Yano - Ashkenazy Who?

    Akiko Yano - Tong Poo

    Sandii - Zoot Kook

  3. so cool you wound up here! that set really at this point i doubt i'd even recognize it, but thank you for sending me down an amazing youtube rabbithole. holy cow.

  4. just discovered your incredible site - so much thanks. Don't forget / could it be this: