November 18, 2014

Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges - Clube da Esquina, 1972

21 tracks written and performed by members of the highly influential musicians' collective Clube da Esquina. This record gained a massive following in Brazil, but doesn't get enough love in the states in favor of tropicália and bossa nova. It's a complicated record, effectively a patchwork of moods and styles; and it's experimental and volatile to the core, evading traditional song structures (and even traditional song lengths). "Saídas e Bandeiras Nº 1" is 43 seconds of sunny, psychy guitar-pop, ending abruptly only to be picked up 11 tracks later...for a minute and a half. "Dos Cruces" is five and a half minutes of meandering, drum-studded ache, winding up to a paltry 45 seconds of blistering chorus, overjoyed to have finally arrived, only to be cut off there, too. Always leaves you wanting more. Check out the string interlude halfway through "Um Girassol da Cor de Seu Cabelo" for some Xenakis steeze, or "Pelo Amor de Deus" for wild organ glissandos. I found myself sobbing on the M train listening to "San Vicente" the other day. I think Lô Borges was like 19 when they recorded this thing. It's a crazy ride.

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