December 18, 2014

Zavijava Orchestra - Rivers of Light, 1986

Rivers of Light is an unusual combination of acoustic and electronic instruments: Roland Juno-60, the Yamaha DX7, Ensoniq Mirage, and Oberheim Xpander and OB-8 and DSX, as well as an acoustic piano, harp, double bass, and violin. From the heavily arpeggiated opener "Morning Mists" to "Magnetic Dreamscape," the expansive but intimate finale, the album is more dynamic than traditional ambient music but still lets your mind drift. Released by Pennsylvania music label Mu-Psych, an imprint of biofeedback company Futurehealth, which only put out seven albums (including an awesome work by The Ghostwriters, a group that includes Buchla synth legend Charles Cohen). According to their tastefully antiquated website, the music is "specifically for use with meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback, relaxation, guided imagery, etc." A Crystal Vibrations and Body Actualized classic!

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