January 21, 2015

Finis Africæ - Prima Travesía, 1984

In what had to be the most fun studio sessions ever, Spanish musical project Finis Africæ leads you into some deep zones while giving you a tour of their enormous collection of instruments. This album contains an impressive array of sounds, including the accordion, adufe (moorish tamborine), aulos (Greek flute), autoharp, bass, bombo (Argentine drum), cuatro, electric guitar, mandolin, sicu (Andean panpipes), sitar, slit drum, oud sanfona (Argentine hurdy gurdy), darbouka (goblet drum), tar (North African drum), violin, cymbal, synthesizer, and vocals. There's very little information online about this group. From what I understand, it's primarily the project of guitarist and producer Juan Alberto Arteche. Groove after balearic weird-world nu-age groove.


  1. the link is a Francis Bebey album..

    1. Found a mega link on discos caramelo for their 4 albums.

    2. link fixed, thanks for letting me know!

    3. Finis Africæ is truly amazing, thank you for letting us know Jen!