January 24, 2015

[RIP] Edgar Froese - Stuntman, 1979

Legendary synth pioneer and driving force behind German experimental band Tangerine Dream has passed away this week. In addition to Tangerine Dream, Froese recorded a number of solo records reaching across many different genres and sounds. Stuntman is a standout, as it incorporates several of these styles simultaneously. It has the beat oriented jammers, the classical bits, the ambient head trips, and of course, impeccably executed swirling synths. There are fun references too! In the track below it sounds as if he's playing indigenous Andean flute melodies. Moods vary from light, playful, and warm to dark, brooding, and chilly. 

In honor of this Kraut / Berlin-school maestro and his massive body of work (Tangerine Dream has over 100 releases alone) we'll be posting Edgar Froese stuff all week. Stay tuned!

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