Uakti – I Ching, 1994

Uakti is a Brazilian musical group famous for playing homemade instruments. They got their big break playing on Milton Nascimento’s 1980 Sentinela. They were also part of Paul Simon’s backing band on 1989 Rhythm of the Saints, a formative album for me. In 1993, Uakti was commissioned by Philip Glass to perform his composition Águas da Amazônia, which was arranged for the group by Uakti member Marco Antônio Guimarães. This was the first time a work by Philip Glass was arranged by another composer.

I Ching was released in 1994, just after their collaboration with Philip Glass. It seems informed by minimalism at times, but I think that’s just their style. Their homemade instrumentation is in its full glory here, exploring some deep Amazonian textures. As a departure from their previous recordings, they also add synths and haze for an ambient feel. An amazing find for deep library CD rippers.

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