April 9, 2015

The Beatniks - Exitentialism, 1981


Guest post by Mark Dwinell  (Forma / M Dwinell)

The Beatniks, featuring Yukihiro Takahashi of YMO fame, released this record in 1981, the same year as Takahashi's very excellent Neuromantic. The production here is more sparse, with that perfect combination of live instrumentation and synthesized sound that fans of YMO and Sakamoto expect. Standout track is the baroque "Now and Then...". Dramatic piano, lush strings, filtered synth, and a voice announcing "Now and then I feel I'm sinking in a stagnant pool..." So deep! The best find of my trip to Beijing.

Below are the music videos for the first four tracks of the album.

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  1. I've been listening to a couple of your recent posts this evening and it dawned on me that this would be a great share. I was about to reach out on Twitter when I decided I'd better check and see if it was already here. Well waddaya know. I hope folks are digging this one. They should be.