May 22, 2015

Model 500 - Deep Space, 1995

So much has been written about this important piece of techno history. If you're interested in analog machine-based retro future music, Juan Atkins, aka the godfather of techno, is a massive part of that sound's origin. Deep Space is a head-throbbing whirlwind of synths and samples from beginning to end, living up to its namesake. Engineered by Moritz von Oswald, with contributions from François Kevorkian and Kevin Saunderson, among others. All instrumental except for two tracks, one of which is sultry steamer "The Flow"--insane music video below.

Side note: XLR8R did a very cool piece on Atkins in 2002, with some really prophetic quotes from Atkins. Read it here (scroll down).

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