June 23, 2015

Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra, 1972

Hosianna Mantra is Popol Vuh's third release, on which Florian Fricke made a complete 180 from the synth-based music of the first two albums to a piano and harpsichord-centric sound. He is joined throughout the album by voice, oboe, violin, tambura, electric guitar and twelve-string guitar. 

Fricke set out to make a devotional record that borrowed from both eastern and western sounds and traditions, without dedicating itself to any specific religion. The results are breathtaking. He says, "Hosianna mantra is actually a combination of two different cultures, two different languages, two different lives. It has a dual meaning; ‘hosianna,' which is a religious Christian word and ‘mantra,' from Hinduism. Behind all of that I was convinced that basically all religions are the same. You always find it in your own heart. "

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