July 17, 2015

Double Fantasy - Universal Ave., 1986

For those who don't mind a healthy smear of cosmic cheese. Molten guitar streaks, shivery synth grooves, and unhurried drum machines. Very sick and very slick. Makes me want to throw on some mirrored sunglasses and drive a silver convertible along winding cliffside vistas smoking an e-cig in front of a photoshopped sunset. Alternately meditative and searingly emotive, this thing is a few pan flutes shy of Pure Moods (a very high compliment). There's not much decisive information about Double Fantasy available online, but it seems to have been the project of Klaus Schulze disciple Robert SchrΓΆder, who was only allowed to release two records under the Double Fantasy moniker because of legal clashes with his label, Innovative Communication. He went on to release many more records under a slew of different aliases, but both this and the other Double Fantasy release, 1994's Food For Fantasy, are worth tracking down.


  1. Music made for driving—and as track 3 ("Endless Running") suggests, also an excellent soundtrack for jogging! Listened to this while running at sunset today; enjoyed it immensely! πŸŽ§πŸƒπŸ½πŸ’―

  2. A masterpice of a lovely album...i have listen to this albumet over 20 years now and i am still in love with it and is perfect music for "driving" as Martin Campell mentioned in the previous Posts...greeting from Norway :)

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