August 31, 2015

Ken Boothe - Everything I Own, 1974


Chills. This album strikes me right to the core. Everything I Own proves to the world that Ken Boothe is obviously the ultimate lovers rocker. Keeping it incredibly real in the grooviest way, the work centers on themes of separation and divorce. The album also has a political message with anthemic songs like "Time Passage" and "Impossible Dream," but all songs seem to cry out in funky protest. Vibe-wise, it has a cool, dark, soulful feel that can be likened to contemporaries like War and Richie Havens, with a judicious amount of synth swooshes. This particular version was released by Trojan for the UK and Germany, but I would recommend seeking out other versions which contain classics like "Is It Because I'm Black" and the cover of Bob Marley's "African Lady." In any case, it doesn't get any better than this Jamaican crooner classic!

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