September 9, 2015

Colored Music - Colored Music, 1981

Anomalous! This was Colored Music's only release, and there seems to be very little information about them online, except that this was rereleased by a Japanese reissue label in 2008 and that female member Ichiko Hashimoto was a somewhat prolific jazz musician who once collaborated with Masahiko Sato, who scored the cult favorite Belladonna of Sadness.

Sinister and strange throughout, Colored Music defies genre, ranging from the scronky, free-jazzy "Anticipation" to the spaced-out, reverb soaked "Sanctuary" to the more explicitly new wave "Too Much Money," flirting briefly with progressive rock along the way. Vocals include a haunted, warbling mermaid choir, sputtering Broadway theatrics, and faraway pirate chants buried deep in the mix. The standout is the shimmying, agitated "Heartbeat," held together by a warped and weird house beat that gets shredded in half by an almost unlistenable piano meltdown. A little challenging, but totally worth it.


  1. I love this album. I don't suppose you also have Colored Music's super-obscure soundtrack for the movie "Kougen ni Ressha ga Hashitta" (fingers crossed)?

    1. I don't--didn't even know it existed! Keeping my eyes peeled for it though...