October 14, 2015

Joël Fajerman - L'aventure Des Plantes, 1982

Classic! The opening track of this record, "Flowers Love," was used as the theme for the French documentary series L'aventure des Plantes--it's unclear whether any of the other tracks were included in the series, though the whole record is excellent. Joël Fajerman is a classically trained French keyboardist who was apparently nicknamed "Flangerman" (no mystery why). Ranging from baroque organ lines to towering, sinister synth arpeggiations, L'aventure is cosmic, dense, and cinematic. For fans of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, or the beloved Plantasia! (Note: pictured above is the Spanish reissue; hi-res images of the original French cover don't seem to exist).


  1. this is a great album to post! Fajerman should be much better known that he is. 'Azimuts' is probably my absolute favourite album of his.

  2. The text design immediately caught my eye, I'm excited to explore the plantasia link... Plantasia is my most treasured vinyl and such a formative album