November 5, 2015

David Parsons - Sounds Of The Mothership, 1980

Recorded to tape in 1980, this album features the often quite dark private musical explorations by New Zealand space music goliath David Parsons. The first of numerous solo releases, Sounds Of The Mothership begins a lifelong journey exploring the sounds of instruments as well as field recordings collected from all over the world. His own liner notes introduce the music best:
"This music is played on electronic synthesizers and classical Indian instruments. It was composed primarily as an aid to meditation. Please listen in a relaxed frame of mind; let the sound gently transport you like a leaf floating down a river - sometimes in the main flow, sometimes caught in little eddies by the banks."
This release was reissued in 1991 in combination with his second (amazing) release, Tibetan Plateau. I would recommend it if you want to hear this music with sound quality improved (dusty old tape rip here) but the reissue is missing one of the original tracks included here.