November 24, 2015

Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle, 1983

Guest post by Wesley P. Allard

Marcos Valle’s Marcos Valle is a quintessential example of Brazilian boogie. Valle began writing and recording this record following his return home to Rio in 1980 after an extended furlough in Los Angeles where he met future collaborator and legendary R&B and Soul composer, Leon Ware (whose talents are demonstrated on this album a number of times, namely on linear party tracks like “Dia D,” which he wrote and recorded). The record’s single, opening track “Estrelar,” was successfully marketed as “workout music” by Brazilian record label Som Livre, which contributes to the kitschy allure imposed by the dazzling album cover.

This album is cooling exotic bliss in a sonic form. It flows seamlessly from tracks like “Naturalmente” to “Viola Enluarada” like some hyper-evolved liquid hell-bent on making you relax in ecstasy. Mentally isolate any one slice of this album (e.g. the production, arranging, melody, etc.) and you’ll be hypnotized by shimmering rays of sonic pulchritude. Overall this album is a consistently funky piece of jazz-infused soul that doesn’t compromise its Latin roots, and it definitely invokes the same dancing proclivity attached to those roots. From gliding and skipping bass, to elegant samba standards like “Samba De Verao,” to the warm embrace of a Fender Rhodes, this album is nearly perfect and requires not a single press of the “skip” button…devour in its entirety!


  1. Amazing album, and a side of Marcos Valle that is often not explored. "Naturalmente" is going to become a key part of my mixes from now on.

    Note that Samba de Verão is actually his own composition from way back in 1964! He's a very versatile and storied artist, and this album is just scratching the wondrous surface.

  2. It's sped up! I could perhaps slow it down with Audacity but I am probably gonna find another download because it puts it all off.

  3. Jacob do you mean the youtube vid for Naturalmente is sped up or the entire album download?

  4. @previous post

    that would be good to know!