November 28, 2015

Seven Windows - Seven Windows, 1986

An ambient smooth jazz album that soars to the maximum heights of soulfulness. The anthemic "Dance Relenti" (below) is a highlight: starting with a radio announcer talking about World War II, it launches into a bass-heavy groove laying the groundwork for some beautiful group harmonization and for the synth and sax to dance. "Flight" is equally lovely. Also with a choir, it starts with a simple organ drum machine and sinewy synths and builds to an epic battle cry. 

The only information about this release is the comically outdated website of its founding member, English musician Jess Roden. It was recorded in New York and released on a Netherlands-based subsidiary of EMI, Friends records. This album will thrill any fans of Hall & Oates or ELO and we unapologetically add it to our personal canon of smooth jazz classics. 

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