December 23, 2015

Yoshio Suzuki - Morning Picture, 1984

This peaceful ambient jazz album from 1984 features the excellent taste of bassist and keyboardist Yoshio Suzuki. He steers away from showy musicianship, instead leaning towards sparsity. The drum machine and synthesizer programming lend momentum but leave plenty unsaid so your mind can wander, filling in the gaps and coming to your own conclusions.

Please share this wonderfully listenable album with friends and family as you gather this week. I'm hoping that it will promote clear and honest communication and pacify any familial angst that may arise during the holiday season.



  1. Thanks for sharing such a treasure. I was slightly apprehensive given the 'smooth jazz' tag, but it's more like bright piano played at a leisurely pace. You're right; absolutely perfect listening for the holiday season!

  2. Came across your blog today and just want want to thank you for all this great and rare music many of us would never have known about. Im always looking for new and instrumental music to listen to and I wish much of this was still available today on whatever medium fortunately its not. Im a big fan of Japanese musician Hiroshi Yoshimura but his music is nearly impossible to find in the US a real shame.

    1. thank you for the nice words ! we've got some hiroshi yoshimura posts in the works, stay tuned ! <3