January 27, 2016

Bagarre - Circus, 1982

The only full-length release from italian label Sauvage Musique, an imprint of Milan-based Panarecord. It begins with the single "Lemonsweet" (below), a psychedelic club-ready anthem which seems to tell the first-hand story of a LSD-fueled night out in New York that might or might not end in a collapse at Studio 54. The song takes us through the stages of the trip, coming up on a groove, feeling invincible and going from club to club. It's not always easy to understand Ann O. Rack's sprechgesang, but the climax seems to come during an intense encounter with a lemon. It ends in confusion, with a repeated "I shouldn't be here tonight" and "54, 54, 54" as she and the music fade away. At any rate, it's a perfect song.

The album continues with highlights throughout, moving between italo and new wave. I love "Circus Is Gone," a bass-heavy, moody ballad with some really nice layered vocals. After that, all of the songs are perfectly appropriate for the club with superb musicianship and production, wild synth work, and heavy bass lines. Enjoy!


  1. Love making discoveries like this! Thanks so much.

  2. It sounds like Geneva Jacuzzi.

  3. only place i could find this album...still wanna hear the other one..damn time for a vinyl player

  4. Unfortunately the download link is no longer available, could you put back up please?

    1. it's still working fine for me. maybe try again?