January 4, 2016

Boban Petrović - Zora, 1984

Zora (translates as "dawn") is the final album from Serbian disco beast Boban Petrović, and dare I say his magnum opus. Extra groovy, extra psychedelic, the work is more complex and less strictly disco than his previous recordings with the band Zdravo. A symphony of synths, slapping bass, and fuzz guitars swell around Petrovic's urgent underwater vocals. The obvious favorite is the instant-gratification slow-groove scorcher "Zajedno Srecni" (below), but the entire album will leave you wondering what you've been doing all these years without it. So excited to share it with you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. god this makes me wanna skate around a roller rink all night

  2. Bought my own a while back, and "Zajedno Srecni" has become a mainstay for me. Mixed a little loud though - it clips a lot more than I'd expect. Wonder if I got a bad pressing?