January 14, 2016

Eitetsu Hayashi - Messenger Of The Wind, 1983

Experimental work and first solo album from Eitetsu Hayashi, musician best known for taiko, traditional Japanese drumming.

Messenger Of The Wind is a perfect example of the rich history of experimental and ambient music of Japan. From an outsider's viewpoint, it's evident that experimental music was the natural evolution of the country's traditional music in the 20th century, making use of new and non-traditional instruments as well new recording techniques. On this album, Hayashi nods to his taiko background, using a wide array of Japanese drums and other traditional instruments such as janggu, gayageum, koto, gong, stainless balls, and Mokugyo. Elsewhere, he uses synth, marimba, thunder sheet, and an airplane. Things get interesting when he employs tape looping on "Cosmos" and when he plays with natural reverberation on "Karabinka" (below).

If you've enjoyed our previous posts like Midori Takada and Mkwaju Ensemble, you might like this too--it's a little more challenging but possibly more rewarding!



  1. Many thanks for posting this. I think I might like this one even more than the Midori Takada and Mkwaju Ensemble records (which were great!), wonderful to be able to hear these albums that I wouldn't encounter otherwise.

  2. This blog is saving my life.

  3. Thanks! This one is beautiful... Great blog!!!

  4. I've been absolutely loving this, thankyou so much for all the wonderful music.