February 12, 2016

Richard Burmer - Mosaic, 1984

Complex, diverse, and engaging, this series of electronic vignettes is the debut from American composer, engineer, sound designer, ethnomusicologist, and musician Richard Burmer. It's a classic example of space music, a genre-scene popularized in the 80s by the nationally syndicated radio show Hearts of Space produced by Stephen Hill. When Burmer died in 2006, Hill dedicated a show to him entitled "Across The View."

Mosaics is a decidedly dark, cinematic journey to the ends of the earth. Every track is masterfully orchestrated to evoke strange landscapes and a cosmic nostalgia. At first glance you might think the Fibonacci-inspired album art hasn't loaded properly, but the image is in fact low pixel density as if to suggest that everything is an assemblage of small pieces arranged in repeating patterns (also, early self-reflexive digital art!).

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