May 25, 2016

Joel Andrews - The Violet Flame, 1976

As far as new age sound-healing records go, this is pretty pared down. No chanting, no reverb, no swirling synth arpeggiations--no synth at all, actually. Just harp and tape crackle. Feels more neo-classical than new age, but no complaints here: this is sprawling and warm, and to me always sounds like gold threads. Surprisingly multipurpose: works just as well by a fireplace as at a picnic, and I once had a really great day at the Cloisters with this. Note: this tape rip is very staticky. No word on whether the sound on the custom CD available from Andrews's website is better; let me know if you buy it.

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  1. Awesome work as always! The link shows your account is suspended though...