July 29, 2016

Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Way, 1982

The only available recordings from Satoshi Ashikawa, who passed away shortly after making this record. This was the second in a three record series called Wave Notation, which also included Hiroshi Yoshimura's Music for Nine Postcards and a collection of Erik Satie songs played by Satsuki Shibano--fittingly, fans of Yoshimura and Satie will find a lot to love here. Perfectly bare bones minimalism--just harp, piano, flute, and vibraphone. Crystalline, pastoral, picnic-ready. Midori Takada on both harp and vibraphone. Long out of print.


  1. i heard this artist on your recent NTS mix, so nice... thanks for sharing the mix and now the full album!

  2. Found this and your site via the Visible Cloaks article on Ableton.com. Incredible pieces. And I'm really enjoying your selections throughout the whole site. Thank you very much!