Tasaday – L’Eterna Risata, 1991

Delirious narcotic ramblings mix with tribal beats and ambient soundscapes on the final release from Italian experimental group Tasaday. While definitely industrial — plenty of percussion from non-instruments — L’Eterna Risata also employs a wide range of less industrial textures, including horns, bells, synths, pan flute, and what sounds like a hammer dulcimer. Heavy usage of vocal samples and live vocals make this more accessible to ambient and psych fans.

There’s not much information online about this band, other than that they formed in 1983 from the conjunction of two bands, Die Form and Nulla Iperreale. The name comes from an isolated tribe of 26 people who were discovered living a “stone age” lifestyle in a cave in the Philippines in 1971, unaware of the outside world.


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