September 9, 2016

[Mix for NTS Radio] Getting Warmer Episode 4

Listen to my fourth episode of Getting Warmer for NTS Radio below. I tried to make a make out mix, but I think it got too heavy-handed to be actually sexy and might be better suited for roller skating or something. Slo-mo disco, sleepy funk, breathy vocals. Lmk if anyone successfully soundtracks a make-out session with this. You can download an mp3 version here. Enjoy!

1. Vera -- Come With Me
2. Karen Carpenter -- Midnight
3. Andrea Lyn -- Hold On To Your Heart
4. Virna Lindt -- Underwater Boy
5. Zenit -- Waitin'
6. Marti Caine -- Love The Way You Love Me
7. Lustt -- Pillow Talk
8. Linda Di Franco -- The Look Of Love
9. Susan Cadogan -- Feeling Is Right
10. The Makers -- Don't Challenge Me
11. Hector Zazou & Barbara Gogan -- Dangerous
12. Rare Silk -- Storm
13. Craig T. Cooper -- Sweet Water

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