October 27, 2016

Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Alhambra, 1988

Hazy old-world meanderings from Spanish artist Jabir. The songs are simple, composed of repeating sand-swept synthesizer motifs and improvised violin, ney (flute), bendir (frame drum), and acoustic guitar. An intimate record from the rich hotbed of synth-based music that arose out of Spain in the 80s. All the instrumentation and tunings were inspired by Al-Andalus's Arabic culture. Released by the label named after the infamous industrial band Esplendor Geométrico (who incidentally went on their first US tour last year).


  1. Wow, thanks a lot for a great discovery. I love synth music (am a player myself) and I love flamenco / andalusian music. Never thought the 2 could go so well together.
    Amazing blog, great exotic ambient records. Peace and <3

  2. Just amazing music and blog. Thanks so much for what you're putting out there !
    I love this album. Great find.