October 31, 2016

Michele Musser - Eye Chant, 1986

Celebrate Halloween this year with the strange surreality of Michele Musser's Eye Chant. Recorded in the mid-eighties in Harrisburg, PA, the album takes you on a sample and synth-based odd-yssey where the only constant is freaky. Her sound palette includes synths, drum machines, a baby crying, animals, ship horns, waves, thunder, children laughing, bubbles, a clock ticking, plenty of vocal samples, and a spoken word passage. Experimental, with scattered elements of Berlin School (especially on the opening track) and new age synth.

Several tracks are cynical with regards to romance. "100% Bridal Illusion" discourages a prospective spouse, containing vocal samples communicating the triteness and misery of marriage. "Proteus and The Marlin" tells the story of a pathetically devoted woman who sleeps with a stuffed marlin for the rest of her life after her crazed, megalomaniac husband--who believed he was the Greek god Proteus--throws himself off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The album finishes with what is obviously the "hit" and the track that most makes this apropos for today. Check out the spook-funk groover "Too Much" below.


  1. @Brian: could you share the higher bitrate version instead if you get one? That would be swell.

  2. now links to a 320 version thanks to @HammerandNails !!