October 19, 2016

Osamu Shoji - Night Flight, 1979

Album artwork says it all. Exotica-tinged, phaser-heavy Japanese library music, with a whole lot of new age-inspired arpeggiation and sci-fi synth pads. All credits go to the very prolific Shoji, with a note that the Synthesizer "Space-Sizer 360" was invented and supplied by Noriyasu Fukuda. I can't find anything about the synth or its inventor anywhere. Shoji put out a cool 39 records between 1971 and 1987, including what appears to be an entire album of Bee Gees covers--does anyone have this? I need it. For fans of Hiroshi SatoTomita, Joël Fajerman.

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  1. Lovely – thanks. Great run of selections going down here. Thanks for all the aural pleasures.