November 3, 2016

[Mix for NTS Radio] Getting Warmer Episode 6

Listen to my sixth episode of Getting Warmer for NTS Radio below. I thought a lot about musical migration as I was making this: cross-pollination as a result of colonialism; exotic fantasy, escapism, and essentialism; and Brazil, both as a place of origin and as a source of inspiration. If you like it, you can download an mp3 version of it here. Enjoy!

1. Carpenters - Invocation
2. Fé De Sábio - Crepúsculo 
3. Isabelle Antena - Otra Bebera 
4. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Shadows On The Ground 
5. The Beach Boys - Til I Die (Alternate Mix) 
6. Caetano Veloso - Gua 
7. Mudd - Summer In The Wood 
8. Orchestre Raymond Droz Avec Pierre Cavalli Et Son Orchestre - Passarinhos 
9. Light House - 南太平洋 
10. The Coconuts - If I Only Had A Brain 
11. Googoosh - Sahel Va Darya 
12. Brenda Ray - Another Dream 
13. Miharu Koshi - 逃亡者 
14. Nightingales Recorded by Jean C. Roché - In A Waste Ground Beside A Stream In Provence, June 
15. Mariko Fuji - 雪 
16. Aaliyah - At Your Best 
17. Mike Oldfield - Into Wonderland


  1. I love your mix!! Can you tell me who sings the mike oldfield cover? X

    1. happy you're enjoying! it's not a cover, that's the original mike oldfield version off the record platinum--vocals are by wendy roberts.