December 2, 2016

dip in the pool - Silence, 1986

Debut from Japanese duo dip in the pool. Fairly minimal, often baroque-leaning synth and voice arrangements, with deep, widely spaced drums that, in such a synthetic context, takes on a cyber-medieval quality. Standouts are the title track and the stunningly beautiful "Rabo del Sol," the music video for which is previewed below--it comes from their 1991 laserdisc release of music videos. Both those tracks evoke a similar mystical gravitas, a perfect vessel for Miyako Koda's straight-tone vocal sobriety. (Interestingly, though a handful of tracks pick up to a spronky trot--like "Hasu No Enishi" and "View"--and feel like obvious video game scores, it was a slower, more ceremonious track called "Ismeel" that was later used in the PlayStation game Omega Boost.) The duo recently released a collaboration with the Visible Cloaks geniuses on RVNG, and unsurprisingly, it's very good.


  1. Thanks! Looking forward to listening to this?
    Can I request Miyako Koda's 'Jupiter'? 17853 Records has a remix EP forthcoming from said album. Would love to hear the original.

  2. this is brilliant, thanks so much! Can I ask, have you ever listened to the brilliant album "Walks" by Tranquil Eyes? '86 I think. This vaguely made me think of that. Absolutely mindblowing cold / cyber / no wave record, the song "Television" from it is a great entry point, surprised it never appeared on listen to this' posts at some point!

    1. yes, i love that record! if you've any interest in doing a guest post on it, email me: cheers!

  3. Thank you, Jen. Have wanted to listen to this.