January 9, 2017

Bastion - Bastion, 1984

New wave pop from the Republic of Macedonia (then Yugoslavia). This was their only release, and unlike a lot of things in this vein, it's great from start to finish. Spronky, bouncing, a little bit of angst and grit. Even the obligatory "slow track"is a strung out wash in the best way, with judicious use of fretless bass. If this is for you, it's definitely for you.


  1. Any suggestions on which browser to use to download these files? Google Chrome won't let me. Any suggestions would be most welcome. I really dig the Bastion track here!

    1. hi brian, i'm not sure why chrome isn't working for you, as it works fine for me -- it might have something to do with an extension you're using? make sure you click the orange "download now" button (rather than an ad fakeout link), and if you're getting an http status 404 message, wait a few seconds, go back to the zippyshare page, and try clicking again. hope that helps!

    2. thanks Jen! Not sure why or how but I managed to get the file. It took me to 2 different pages before I got it to download.