January 16, 2017

Miyako Koda - Jupiter, 1998

Solo record from Miyako Koda (dip in the pool, Love, Peace & Trance, personal style hero). A bit hard to pin down, as there's a wide range between tracks, but it all feels very true to Koda's aesthetic: alternately playful and very sober, shifting readily between straight tone choir-boy-esque vocals and spoken word (spoiler alert: closer "A Sea of Love" is an ASMR goldmine). Micro-glitch balearic jazz and delicate electronic pulsing with a bit of a Laurie Anderson feel. Production by Haruomi Hosono, Yasuaki Shimizu, Towa Tei, and Gonzalez Mikami.

To the best of my knowledge, the original recording (download link below) isn't available for sale anywhere, but you can buy a very good six track mini-album of reworked tracks from Jupiter, featuring an all-star lineup (including mastering by Seigen Ono) from Chee Shimizu's 17853 imprint here.


  1. Oooh yes! Finally can get this into my ears.
    Eternal gratitude and have a good day!

  2. There's definitely more than a bit of a Laurie Anderson feel going on here...and that's a very good thing! It's always a treat to discover more wonderful music from sophisticated Japan. Thanks.

  3. beautiful, little kate bush, some cibo matto vibes too, nice

  4. Just found the blog last night and you're killing me with these. This one reminds me of Sunatirene in Baltimore mixed w Takako Minekawa. Keep it up!