February 23, 2017

[Mix for NTS Radio] Getting Warmer Episode 10: Sakamoto Special

My newest mix for NTS Radio is a 坂本龍一 (Ryuichi Sakamoto) special! Not an exhaustive overview, just some personal highlights. If you like it, you can download an mp3 version here.

In related news, if you're interested in listening to my NTS show live, my time slot has just moved to every fourth Wednesday at 1pm EST/5pm GMT, which I hope will be a more convenient time for many. The next one will be airing on channel 2 on March 22nd. Thanks for listening!

1. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives
2. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Neue Tanz
3. Ryuichi Sakamoto - You Do Me
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto - E-3A
5. Virginia Astley - I'm Sorry
6. Ryuichi Sakamoto - A Carved Stone
7. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
8. Hector Zazou - Hapolot Kenym
9. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Thomas Dolby - Fieldwork (London Mix)
10. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Kai-koh
11. Akiko Yano - Ashkenazy Who?
12. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Whales (NTT Data 1990)
13. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - Once In A Lifetime


  1. May we have a download please?

    1. thanks for the reminder, just linked!

  2. Excellent mix. On the other hand it's hard to go wrong with Sakamoto, the man has been so consistently good and relentlessly eclectic over the years (forty? fifty?) One never ceases to be amazed. I just started getting into his 1979 Kakutougi Sessions project today, "Summer Nerves", and it's still incredibly fresh, and utterly thrilling. Well, for me at least. Thanks again for this most sensational blog!