March 1, 2017

Seigén Ono - Seigén, 1984

Ouch, so beautiful. Seigén Ono's debut album was released when he was 26 years old, though he had already worked with David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto, and went on to become one of Japan's most sought-after producers and engineers. I feel as if this record has been steadily opening up for me over the past year, finally cracking wide during (surprise surprise) a headphones listen. It might feel a bit austere at first, and there are definitely a few explicit nods to western minimalism, but it's deceptively generous, even lush. Incisive modern classical, a few bits of very Japanese smooth jazz, and an avant-garde sensibility. Featuring some songwriting from Yasuaki Shimizu and a slew of razor-sharp session musicians. An incredible network of moody textures, all perfectly atmospheric. Part of the perennial favorite Music Interior series, the entirety of which will probably be posted here eventually, realistically. The liner notes call this "a perfect production of beauty," and the statement doesn't even feel hyperbolic.

Note that this includes two additional tracks but not the two bonus tracks from the recent reissue, which doesn't seem to be readily available for sale anymore, though they're well worth it if you find a copy.


  1. Thanks for all your work sharing! Looking forward to spending some time with this one!

  2. This is beautiful. Such pristine music. Somehow so idealistic. The album art kinda sums it up for us. Thanks as usual for these hidden gems.