April 10, 2017

Haruomi Hosono - Mercuric Dance, 1985

A favorite. Not purely an ambient record, as there are a handful of more jittery, percussive tracks in the second half, but a good deal of this is, for me, ideal music to work to. Ringing, jewel-like washes of synth, but with a certain weight that similarly intentioned records seem to be lacking. The navy blue cover feels very apt--there's something angular and a bit severe about this that I love. Recontextualized elements of traditional Japanese drumming throughout. I think this was made for a modern dance performance, but can't find any additional information online--if anyone knows, please fill us in. Enjoy.


  1. Nice. Will you also do a Hosono Haruomi mix? Please!

  2. This was the soundtrack to a contemporary ballet piece, commissioned by bandai and released on VHS in 1984. Each track is inspired by a planet or the moon.

    Artist Tadayoshi Arai was also involved in the project. He was also responsible for producing the artwork for a few different Japanese New Age records.

  3. Thank you man! I was looking for this in Japan while I was there last month and couldn't find i t! thanks YOU!!