April 28, 2017

Quarteto em Cy - Quarteto em Cy, 1964

Originally comprised of four sisters from Bahia (Cybele, Cylene, Cynara, and Cyva; their real names), Quarteto em Cy has been enormously prolific and has also undergone many lineup changes over the years. I've been unsure which record of theirs to begin with since this blog started, so I've decided to start at the beginning and share their debut (and also their first of maybe five self-titled records), from what Brazilian music snobs consider to be their golden period (although they weren't signed to the legendary Elenco label until 1966).

Swooning vocal harmonies delivered with expressive precision and set over meandering jazz and bossa textures. No reason not to be listening to this today.

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  1. Well this is just outstandingly lovely. Healthy exotica vibes. I'm going to take this to the beach next weekend and play it just after the Sun sets. Probably by a fire. Thanks for sharing and I hope we get to hear more from Quarteto em Cy.