We are Jen Monroe and Brian Sweeny, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Listen to This! came about so we could share music that we love with our friends. We focus on albums, rather than singles or tracks, because albums are our favorite way to engage with music--"the original playlists." This is an anthology of records that are amazing all the way through, a personal canon of important music.

Note: We don't want to promote illegal downloading so much as give people a chance to test out music that they might not otherwise hear. A lot of these records are out of print and can no longer be purchased in a way that benefits the artist. That being said, if it is available and you like it, we encourage you to buy it, ideally directly from the artist's website.

We sometimes feature guest posts! Send us an email: listen22this@gmail.com
Please note that we never review contemporary music.


  1. I Love this Blog. Opened my mind to many new possibilities. I try and turn on everyone I make music with. Not everyone gets it (can't work out why), however I think it contains sparkling gems and has made me reassess my kit list. Now have a Volca FM and am obsessed with getting a DX of some sort. I run a Psychiatric Unit, many of the records I have found here are now on endless rotation on the ward. Can't thank you chaps enough.

  2. Yeah - really excellent blog. Many thanks.

    UK xxx