My name is Jen Monroe and I’m based in Brooklyn, New York. Listen To This came about as a way to share music with friends, though happily it’s led to people I’ve never met sharing music with me. Listen To This focuses on ambient, Japanese synth pop, and new age music.

I don’t want to promote illegal downloading so much as give people a chance to test out music that they might not otherwise hear. A lot of these records are out of print and can no longer be purchased in a way that benefits the artist. That being said, if it’s available and you like it, I encourage you to buy it, ideally directly from the artist’s website.

I sometimes feature guest posts. I’m also very hirable as a writer, DJ, and playlist maker. Send me an email: jen (at) listentothis.info. Please note that I never review contemporary music. Please don’t send me your music.

Listen To This was originally co-created with Brian Sweeny, who has since moved on to other projects. You can follow his current work at Ambient Church and Nitemind.